About Us.

RELI SLEEVE, serving Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical and various other industries from last 44 years.

Established in 1975 RELI SLEEVE is providing continuous innovation for problems faced in Oil & Gas Industry through major Research and Development activity.

RELI SLEEVE is the only company in the world which can manufacture sleeves in both liquid and powder coating and sizes from 2″ OD upto 72″ OD and also Customized as per client requirement and critical pipe sleeve with sour service application.

Around 45 years back RELI SLEEVE Group of companies started trading business supplying Steel Pipes & plates to the domestic market. Later it Started Importing International grades materials to meet the critical requirement of domestic consumers. Our aim is to provide complete business solution along with Reliability, Efficiency & Creativeness to worldwide clients at best competitive price and minimum delivery schedule. RELI SLEEVE has it existence since 1975 loaded with vast experience of more than three decades towards engineering raw material and other related field. We believe our excellent background and experience can bring you more than you expect.

Covering from the areas of trading, importing, manufacturing & exporting RELI SLEEVE can comprehensively respond to customer’s requirements stage by stage and always tries to give full responsibility to our customer in every field. RELI SLEEVE is continuously developing innovative technology in each business field and trying to maximize customer satisfaction by materializing “The best value creating company” and opening a new Engineering culture of the 21C”.